Cave Pictures

We walked down the long wide corridor, our footsteps echoing in the dark on the parquet floor.  The only light we saw came from a room at the end of the corridor.  We passed by paintings and sculptures of ancient and unknown origin.  When we came to the room, I noticed there were pedestals of […]

Floating Stone

I was attending a four-day training about three hours from my home.  I had made many incredible friends there.  This particular training was the fifth or sixth in a series of weekends I had spent. One friend I made during these events happened to be a Mormon, the religion I had been raised in.  I had now […]


The sun was shining, but not directly in my eyes, because I was travelling East and it was sometime in the afternoon. I drove this road many times, because it was on the way to my boyfriend’s house. It was sometime in my 20’s. I was leaving his house this time. Going home. I came […]

Spider Totem

As it was revealed to me when it came… No earthly force is of the slightest consequence to the power within you.  You are greater than gravity itself. Write your name down (it represents your personality or ego-persona.)  Ask yourself… “what is it I’m thinking about you that I’m using as my excuse to not […]