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You’re an individual in pursuit of clarity and purpose. A seeker of insight, wisdom, and guidance. You know that unlocking the hidden potential within you is the key to success in both life and business.

I’m here to offer you the guidance and support you need to thrive.

Hello, I’m Jaylyn, your intuitive guide.

Intuitive Readings My gift lies in intuitive readings, where I tap into the energies that surround you. Through my intuitive readings, I can provide you with profound insights into your life’s journey, helping you navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and uncover hidden opportunities.

Intuitive Coaching As an intuitive coach, I blend my intuitive abilities with coaching techniques to help you set and achieve your personal and professional goals. Together, we’ll explore your inner wisdom, overcome obstacles, and empower you to create the life you desire.

Business Consultations In the realm of business, I offer consultations that are guided by intuition and backed by years of experience. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur seeking fresh perspectives or a budding business owner looking to align with your true purpose, my business consultations can provide the clarity and strategy you need to succeed.

My journey has been one of self-discovery and the cultivation of intuitive abilities. I’ve honed my skills to help individuals like you harness the power of intuition to find direction, make decisions, and achieve their dreams.

I’ve dedicated my practice to providing intuitive readings, coaching, and business consultations to support you on your path to fulfillment and success.

If you’re seeking clarity, guidance, and a partner on your journey, I invite you to explore my services. Together, we can unlock the potential that resides within you and create a life and business that aligns with your true purpose.

Thank you for considering me as your intuitive guide. I look forward to assisting you on your transformative journey.

about me

I’ve always had a strong sixth sense.  The unseen world has been just as real to me as what we can see.  I had many strange and unexplainable things happen to me throughout my life.  I remember as a toddler, talking with what I referred to as “my angel friends”, a group of three women who would show themselves to me when I was on the swing-set at day-care.  I remember knowing from a very young age what I came here to do and be.  I was blessed with an extremely high IQ, and the ability to see patterns and make connections between seemingly unrelated things, which gives me an understanding of the universe that is very different what most people experience.  

I have had some of the weirdest stuff happen to me… from sasquatch encounters as a kid, to telepathy with my horse–from meeting my husband’s mother and father in spirit six months before I met him (his father is deceased), to having the recently departed son of a couple I was talking to, elbowing me in the ribs until I told them what he was saying to me.  From the stranger in a bookstore who told me I was an Intuitive out of the blue, to the mercury poisoning I had from a crumbled tooth extraction that destroyed my short-term working memory, forcing me to get through everyday on my intuition alone.

I couldn’t understand why all this trauma was happening to me, and so I searched and searched for guidance.  I never dreamed that the trauma would serve to awaken my abilities even more, or that the searching for answers would help me find the tools I needed to tap into this higher wisdom we all have access to.  My life has been perfectly designed to do the work I am doing now, so I can bring this awareness and empower you to do the same.

If you’d like to read more about some of the strange and unusual experiences I’ve had, I write about them sometimes in my blog.  I’ve got more stories to share as well as insights and help for utilizing your own intuition.  

Through all these experiences, the number one thing I learned was that there is information about anything and everything in this universe present in the very ether in and around us, and we have direct access to that information at any time, and when we use it and act on it… it makes our lives easier and better.

Intuition makes life easier.  It removes obstacles.  It’s like being blind and having a well-seasoned seeing-eye dog guide you through an obstacle course.  If you trust the dog, and go where it is prompting you to go, do what it’s telling you to do, it will get you through it without tripping over things and getting hurt.  It can see what you cannot, and it is there to guide you… not with emotion or belief… with truth and fact.  Simple as that. 

Today, I am doing work I love because I had the courage to listen to my intuition once again, and be true to myself.  When I was a little girl, I had an inner knowing that I came here to be a teacher, but first I’ve had to be the student.  And I will be a student of that divine wisdom for the remainder of my life, but now I also get to be a guide helping you uncover what you already know, empowering you to trust it, and supporting you on your journey to know yourself and this glorious universe that is waiting at every moment to help you have a life of ease, flow, and fulfillment in every area.

If your life isn’t going the way you’d like, or if you’d just like some additional insight to help bring your desires into fruition, if you need guidance for your business so you can continue to be in service to others in alignment with your highest ideals and principles… If you need a little push (okay, maybe a big one), I’m here to help.

I’m here to empower you to find your own answers.  Book an Intuitive Reading or Coaching session today.

I look forward to meeting you and partnering with you on your journey back to yourself.

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