Apples to Oranges

Quiet your mind with me for a moment.

Can you feel yourself?

Do you exist?

Are you experiencing this present moment?

What part of you is experiencing it?

Is your body experiencing the now?

Is it your mind?

Is it your spirit?

What is your spirit?

Has your spirit existed before now?

Travel back in time with me for a moment and pick a particularly fond memory from your childhood.

Can you see it?

Did you exist then?

What about before this?

Let’s go back to when you were a baby.  Did you exist then?

Did you exist before that?  When you were still in your mother’s womb.  Did you exist then as well?

Keep going back in time.  Back to before you were conceived.  Can you sense if you existed then?

Is there some part of you that was aware… conscious… even then?

What if we traveled even farther back… back before humans walked the earth.  Back to even before the earth existed… back…

to the beginning…

Can you feel it?  Did you exist then?

I, myself, cannot imagine any time throughout history that I did not exist, that I was not conscious in some form.  Can you?

What were you… back before anything existed?  Where were you?  Were you here, or were you there?  Or were you everywhere, and yet… nowhere?

It’s almost unfathomable… that there could have ever been a time when we did not exist, and yet here we are, experiencing nothingness before anything existed.  All there was, was you… and me.  We were one and the same.

Everything and nothing, all at the same time.


A lot has been said about the power of zero.  You have probably heard the term “zero point energy”, but what are people referring to?  How can zero have so much power?

It’s very simple.

Zero = nothing.

Zero = infinity.

Imagine a number line.  Positive numbers stretch out to the right and go on for infinity.  Negative numbers stretch out to the left and go on for infinity, but the very center, is zero.

Zero is neither positive, nor negative.  It is nothing, and because it is nothing, it has the potential to be everything.  One only need to add something to, or take something away from zero to manifest anything.

Multiply anything by zero, and you get zero.  Divide anything by zero and you get zero.

But think about it for a moment… if you multiply or divide anything by infinity, you get… infinity.

Does this mean there is some kind of connection between zero and infinity?

Both nothing, and everything at the same time.

Zero is the beginning.

It is our origin.

It is the oneness we emerged from.  It is the oneness we are.

Pure potentiality.


Nothing existed that wasn’t us… wasn’t you.  You couldn’t go anywhere… everywhere was already you.  There was nothing to do and nowhere to go.

It must have gotten very boring… this being “everything.”

What if you slowly became aware that you wanted to have a greater experience of yourself?  How would you go about doing that?  There was no way to experience yourself because you were everything.  The only way you could make this possible is for you to… divide yourself.

And so you did… and as soon as you divided yourself, all of the opposites that exist in the infinity of the universe were born.

Now there existed a “here” and a “there”, a “you” and a “me”.  There existed light and dark, male and female, up and down, in and out, left and right… every possible opposite you could imagine now existed.

But the other half of you is still you.  So how could you experience yourself from the perspective of being… well… yourself?  It’s pretty limiting.  Because there is still nothing that you aren’t.  The opposites are in fact illusions created by the illusion that you became separate from yourself, because we both know that if you’re everything, in reality, it is impossible for you to separate anything from yourself into “that which you are not.”

Are you with me?

Perhaps I can explain it better with a simpler analogy.

Let’s imagine for a moment, that the everything that is you, that existed before anything else, was for the sake of this discussion, an apple.

In order to have a greater experience of itself and its “apple-ness”, the apple decided to divide itself.  But when it did, it didn’t cut itself in half.  Like a hologram, it formed into another apple.  Now, suddenly, the first apple experienced being “here”, and experienced another apple being “there”.

Suddenly, it experienced being “up” when the other apple was “down”.  It experienced being dark when the other apple was light.

It could also experience moving closer to the other apple, and moving farther away.  And thus movement was born… but more about that in a minute.

Back to the apple.

While this was indeed a much greater experience of itself, it was still pretty limiting.  I mean, how hard is it to experience an apple, from the perspective of also being an apple, but not just another apple… the very same apple you are experiencing?

Still very limiting.

So the apple had an idea.  One of them would pretend it was an orange.

Oh it tried, and it tried, to experience the apple from the perspective of being an orange, but deep down, it knew it was bluffing, because it was still all too aware that it really was just an apple pretending to be an orange.

So how would this work, then?

Suddenly, the apple had another idea… and this idea was a brilliant one!

The apple decided that the only way to be experienced from the perspective of being an orange… was if the apple who was doing the pretending… forgot.

It must forget that it is an apple.

It has to have no memory of its true nature.  It must be told from the moment it can remember, that it is an orange.  It must be shown to have the shape, and the look, and the smell, and the feel and the taste of an orange.  Then, surely, it would believe with every fiber of its being, that it was indeed an orange.

And now the apple could experience… orangeness.

Eventually, as was the brilliant grand design, the orange would slowly begin to experience the apple.  Over time, it would experience its true nature… the apple within the illusion of the orange.

And now… the apple was having an experience of itself… from the perspective of having been the orange.

But it could have just as easily experienced itself from the perspective of being a banana… or a kiwifruit… or a kumquat.

Or a tree

Or a bird

Or a mountain.

Or a blade of grass

Or a building

Or a telephone pole

Or an automobile

Or a human being…

So in the beginning, you were everything, and yet you were nothing.  Wanting to have a greater experience of yourself, you divided yourself into infinity, and gave all these aspects of yourself temporary amnesia… and a story.

Until each and every part of yourself wakes up and recognizes what it really is… it is everything, and it is nothing.

Everything is a part of the One.

The One Infinite Creator.

You can call it God, you can call it whatever you like.

The Infinite Creator divided itself…

In the beginning…

Many religious texts tell us about the beginning of the universe… the beginning of this existence.  What do they tell us about it?

“In the beginning was the word.”

What is a word?  It is a sound.  It is a sound formed into a specific frequency containing information and vibration.

Sound travels in waves… just like the movement between the two apples… the here and there of it.  This movement, is what the ancients called Qi.


Life Force Energy

Source Energy

Whatever name you put on it, it is that resonant frequency that contained the information for all of life and matter to exist, and it is that frequency that gave rise to all that you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell… and everything you sense beyond these five vibrational interpreters.

This is the true meaning of the Taoist symbol of Yin and Yang.

It is a depiction of the One Infinite Creator dividing itself and in this process, creating the movement of life force energy we call Qi.

This movement gave birth to all that is.

And so we play out our part in the grand illusion… the grand experiment, and we experience ourselves from the perspective of whatever story we have chosen to tell ourselves what and who we are…


Oh the day that we remember that we ARE the One Infinite Creator… and so is everything else!

We are the apple.

And so are they.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”  –Mark Twain


Welcome home.

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