0 – The Fool

INTRODUCTION The traditional Fool card in the Tarot deck features a young and carefree figure standing on the edge of a cliff or precipice, holding a small bag and a white rose, often with a dog at their heels. This imagery symbolizes innocence, spontaneity, and a willingness to embark on a new journey with a […]

Apples to Oranges

Quiet your mind with me for a moment. Can you feel yourself? Do you exist? Are you experiencing this present moment? What part of you is experiencing it? Is your body experiencing the now? Is it your mind? Is it your spirit? What is your spirit? Has your spirit existed before now? Travel back in […]


One day, working in a small bookstore in Iowa, a man came to the checkout with his selection of books. As I joked with one of the women in the back room, who obviously hadn’t gotten my punch-line, I remarked to the man, “no one ever seems to get my jokes.  I think they’re funny!” […]

Floating Stone

I was attending a four-day training about three hours from my home.  I had made many incredible friends there.  This particular training was the fifth or sixth in a series of weekends I had spent. One friend I made during these events happened to be a Mormon, the religion I had been raised in.  I had now […]

What is Tarot Used For?

Tarot, an age-old form of divination, holds a profound fascination for those seeking insight, guidance, or simply a touch of mysticism in their lives. Comprising a deck of 78 cards, each adorned with intricate symbolism and imagery, tarot serves as a versatile tool with a wide array of applications. At its core, tarot is a […]

Enlightening an Egyptian

I have strange moments from time to time, in conversation with others, when an unspoken question in my mind produces not only an answer, but a host of additional information to go along with it.  Sometimes I get a vision, other times, I just get more and more information the more I start exploring what […]

By Faith… or by Fear?

Just as some people, having forgotten their power of choice, feel trapped in a relationship, others feel trapped by their life or by circumstances, and things have to get very painful before they find the will, the courage, and the self-respect to make new choices.


The sun was shining, but not directly in my eyes, because I was travelling East and it was sometime in the afternoon.  I drove this road many times, because it was on the way to my boyfriend’s house.  It was sometime in my 20’s.  I was leaving his house this time.  Going home. I came down the hill the […]

Swing Set

When I was four or five years old, my mom had to go to work temporarily to help out with the income.  I ended up being put in daycare while she was at work.  I hated it. The staff at the daycare I was taken to wouldn’t listen to me or my parents.  They made […]